Setting the Universe to rights in a few easy steps…

Why Star Trek is wonderful….

And why Star Trek Voyager is the best. In every way that something can be better than all previous incarnations that came before it. Like actually being exciting. Having a great setting. Literally exploring where no-one had gone before, an uncharted Quadrant with danger and the unknown ahead of them, instead of running aid or annoying ambassadors to and from already established colonies or pissing about doing nothing slowly on the Neutral Zone border, or having a hissy fit about someone else’s opinions (I’m looking at you, other Treks). Having interesting characters you can care about. Having the best looking ship. And for Janeway, the BEST damn captain ever seen, factual or fictional. Using interesting story-lines, and keeping some remakes on older plots fresh. Fighting the Borg, (and winning more than once) when they encounter them. And not being filmed in soap-opera vision(TM).  And not having whining characters getting moody about nothing (though everyone did have their little ‘moments’. Normal or gallows humour usually prevailed). Hell, Star Trek Voyager wasn’t perfect, but as sure as the sky is above and the ground is beneath, it’s the best tv show ever made. I salute and respect anyone involved in it.

You know something’s good when it turns an avid Star Trek hater (me) into an avid Star Trek LOVER (me again) from the moment it hit UK tv screens. (voy, tng, <= that one is good but a bit crap in places, and tos ONLY, thank you. deep space nine can go lick its own complete trash of an ass). I got an appreciation for tng because of Voyager, but I swear….’deep space wank’ is what turned me off Star Trek in the first place, diving for the remote with a pained ‘Argh! Not this!’

Thank God for the light that is Voyager and the crew of that good ship.

This is all in my opinion. And I’m right. I’m not going to go any further right now, because I’m tired and I want to go to bed. Show me the way to go home! And, this is my first ever blog and I don’t want to start off on a massive rant. Time for that later!

Live Long and Prosper.

To finish: The five captains in order of greatness:

1: Janeway. BEST. CAPTAIN. EVER.

(Insert large gulf between numbers here)

2,3,4,5: The other four. You know the ones, them. Um, oh, who cares. Kirky and JLP had their moments I guess.


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