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Regarding the new Star Trek film….

I think it looks great. Trailers are good, cast seem to really capture the essences of the old crew really well. Nuff said, I will reserve further judgement until I have seen it.

My one problem with it is the use of modern day brands in the future. Now, maybe maybe, but this is after a nuclear war that fucked the world over. All the nightmare dreams we have about World War Three, but in the Star Trek universe and its lore, it really happened. The dates of it vary in the canon (ah, the dreaded continuity. Screw it, who cares? Only the saddos, that’s who), but it definitely occured. Now, if most governments didn’t survive the blasts and millions perished, I somehow doubt consumer brands will survive. For all intents and purposes, these things don’t mean anything anyway. A Nokia, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t worth the plastic crap its made from. I doubt that would be a priority for a rebuilding world. We were fortunate enough to make First Contact with the Vulcans afterwards. (See the movie. Its the Next Gen crew, but, hell, you can’t have everything in life, and Captain Baldy has a modicum of pizazz. He’s got my vote as third best captain, way behind you know who. Take a look at my blog name if you’re not sure who the best captain is. But you should be sure). Humans united under one flag, and a common purpose. That idea lifts you up. In no way does it drag you down. And the rest, as they say, is history. The phones and the beers and the whatever-elses can wait. But I digress. It doesn’t bother me that much, but its worth mentioning. That’s one of the things blogs are for.

Just for the record, I hate Lost. I mention it because the director of the new film is J.J Abrams (is that spelt right?), but I’m pretty sure any readers will already know that. Well, you do now, at any rate. That show is boring and nothing ever gets properly explained, and its missing the same kind of humour that is one of Star Trek’s blessings. But he is an excellent director, technically and in directing his cast, and the whole film looks, sounds and feels great.

The Original Series embarrases me with its cheesiness and bad acting, poor special effects which have not stood the test of time the same way the late eighties/early nineties Next Gen effects have. The storylines are often great, but I’m sorry to say I cannot get past the overall craparama-ness of it all. I’m a fan of Shatner’s, but no fan of Kirk’s, and the rest of the crew, whilst charismatic, are lacking something for me. But the new, reincarnated crew have nerve, character, and best of all, grit and determination. The special effects look, in a word, special, and the plotline is pure Star Trek action/drama/sci-fi nonsense but wonderful because of it/juicy characterisation. Like Voyager, (and Deep Space Nine, as much as I hate it I will acknowlegde it for that), this future is better, but not perfect, unlike the over the top utopia far too many Next Generation episodes generated. The galaxy is a wonderous place, and also a brutal place. For all the beauty, there is horror. For all the good, there is something equally bad to match it. I want the human race to be happy and prosperous, I want that utopia of gleaming cities, safe worlds, crime and poverty gone and long-solved. Sounds wonderful. But a bit of grit, trouble, and yes, blood, is not always a bad thing. There I said it.

Bring on the new film. Looks like a wild ride, and as a fan of Voyager, I love the wild rides most of all.

To the diehard purists who dismiss it offhand because it dares to be different, I say this: UP YOURS. Its Star Trek, and its new, and its here. Enjoy it.

To those true fans with an open mind who are wiling to embrace the new film, despite having clear favourites and strong opinions already, I say this. Nice one, people. Its Star Trek, its new and its here. Enjoy it.

Its been a long wait. I think its been worth it.

Voyager out.


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