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10 Random and Very Specific Reasons why Star Trek Voyager is the best.

If you want more ordered and less random reasons, check my other posts regarding Voyager. These are ten reasons that didn’t really go with the other lists, which I felt like posting.

Now, in no particuar order…

1. There’s an episode where they get temporarily transported back in time to the Big Bang, the beginning of the universe, and a few seconds later find themselves on a Christmas tree as one of the decorations. If you don’t know which episode that is…tough. I’m going to make you figure it out. Heh Heh. 😉

2.There’s an episode where Janeway has to fly Voyager between TWO COLLAPSING NEUTRON STARS. Sorry for the shouting, but that is FUCKING AMAZING. Its one of those seat-of-the-pants, thinking on the feet, last resort, all or nothing acts that I like so much.

3. Hirogen Nazis. Big aliens running the halls in Nazi uniforms with Mausers, holographic American and Resistance fighters in Voyager’s corridors, a fully-fledged battle going on between the crew of Voyager allied with the Americans against the Hirogen allied with the Nazis. Marvellous chaos!

4. The plan from ‘Unimatrix Zero’ is one of the most batshit crazy plans I have ever heard of! I love it! It is Star Wars levels of craziness, diving headfirst into a garbage chute/flying towards a Star Destroyer full pelt/catapulting self off gangplank to catch lightsaber craziness! I find it laudable because:

  • As it is Janeway’s idea, she goes on the mission herself, regulations can take a flying leap.
  • Tuvok and Torres volunteer to go with her despite the craziness of the scheme.
  • The crew deems it a risk worth taking to deal the Borg a great big punch in their collective faces. (Forgive the pun, I hate puns!) That’s extremely brave, so good for them.

5. That scene in ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ where Voyager battles squadrons of Vaadwaur ships in-amongst the ruins of a decimated city.

6. They discover that the rumoured (and often poo-pooed) alien abductions and sightings claimed by many eye-witness accounts from the twentieth century did in fact happen for real. Many people that had mysteriously disappeared never to be seen again were taken from Earth by an unseen alien race called the Breori. The crew of Voyager discover these peoples ancestors living in an advanced human colony on the other side of the galaxy, over three hundred thousand of them, along with some people from the thirties (hence the episode title) still in stasis. Great episode. Also, the Ford truck floating in space, their first clue as to the presence of humans in the area, is pretty funny.

7. The whole episode of ‘Counterpoint’, from start to finish.

8. The fact that the only painfully camp acting in Voyager (what I call Shatner-ing) comes in ‘Bride Of Chaotica’, and is entirely intentional on the cast’s part.

9. The whole episode of ‘Dark Frontier’, start to finish. Particularly the encounter between Janeway and the Borg Queen. Fucking hell, how brave have you got to be to walk into the Borg’s lair, the heart of the Collective? Answer: VERY. I mean…wow.

10. The last shot of the show is the most poignant closing shot of all the finales, given Voyager’s overall story arc.

Btw, the Big Bang/ Christmas Tree episode? It was Season 2’s ‘Death Wish.’

Voyager out.


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